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Video Production

Productions for your product or service. We help you craft your story to create emotional connections with your audience. We have 25 years of experience, a mastery of video production that leads easy interviews, great discussions that allow you to communicate your knowledge. 

We enjoy making it simple to plan and execute on your business video. Let’s plan your next production with pre-production meeting on zoom or in-person. 


Welcome Message

CEO Dan Stoltz – Welcome Video used in a bunch of ways on the website and used it other videos.

Testimonial / Recruiting

Recruiting video – Spire asked their staff how they like working at the Credit Union. And what they like about the company.

Product Promo

Product Promo – Capturing the energy and purpose  of an innovation.

STEM Game Promo

Training with games what a great idea. With a wonderful group of kids! 

Corporate Blog Video

Corporate Blog Video – Sharing key messages with employees or potential clients.

Industrial Promo

Industrial introduction and tour, covering the major departments and technologies. 

Event Promo

This 3 Day event in 2019 we shot both Photo & Video. And we had a booth with free headshots. Then we also created this Promo!

Training Video

A training video produced for internists, doctors, and nurses alike. This hand washing instructional video includes a model how fast a virus can spread.