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Video Production


30-second promos, in-house multic-cam training videos, event production, we can showcase your product, business, or idea in the best way possible. We strive to create emotional branding video. We all want to create an impact and video is a great way to talk about your passion your team your service or product.  Brown & Company since 1996.

Product Promo

We enjoy inventors, they are so passionate about their ideas. It translates to better productions.

STEM Game Promo

This is a great example of teaming up with the client. Andamio Games delivered the location and talent. 

Corporate Blog Video

Blog video, we produced a series of interviews. This is an example of what we can do in a small boardroom, with lighting setup.

Industrial Promo

Industrial introduction and tour, covering the major departments and technologies. We enjoy using green-screen when it’s fitting. 

Hospital Training

for more than 10 years we have been  producing hospital training, physician training, medical device, promotional videos, surgeries and, clinical trial videos.

Inventor Product Promo

We enjoy working with entrepreneurs that are also inventors. B&C produced this product video to show the benefits and safety features.

We like to make video production easy for you,

by offering guidance on scripting, creating storyboards, happy sets, & delivery.

Music Video

Brown & Company shot and edited this high key (Green Screen) color filled video. The resulting composite was created by Ojo Caliente Studios.

Inventor Product Promo

We all have ideas, some of us have the drive to see them trough. The Gunnie like many products came from a need to improve a process.

Speaker - Diane Amundson

Diane Amundson is a high energy, funny and, inspiring corporate speaker. 2 camera shoot.

HP Training Video

A training video produced for internists, doctors, and nurses alike. B&C filmed, directed and, edited this project.

Testimonial CEO

Not everyone has it easy in front of cameras. We have ways to make your time infront of the camera approachable and fun.

Non-Profit Event

Our heart is with Non-Profits that give to the community. We are happy to assist Non-Profits with there media needs.

Finding your WHY;

knowing you’re why gives clarity to make great choices.