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Famous Dave’s CEO Testimonial

Famous Dave’s CEO Testimonial

Revenue Management Systems contracted Brown & Company to produce a testimonial video featuring Famous Dave’s CEO John Gilbert.
During the filming at Famous Dave’s Headquarters in Minnetonka, John gave us a lot of workable footage. We ended up with several very effective videos. RMS was very pleased with the final product and is using the videos on YouTube as well as their testimonial page.


We produced two videos for NPC Robotics. They needed video for their trade show booth. I really enjoyed working with these guys, they have a level of easy-going professionalism that makes them very approachable.
I also visited the Robotics Alley trade show and visited the NPCs’ both. It’s so nice to see your work in use in a beautiful booth.
As soon as you walk in the robots greet you. I felt like I was in Star Wars for a moment, “These are not the droids you’re looking for”. I am astounded by all the types of robots and uses. They also have grade school teams at all levels building robots to compete in multi stage challenges. I wanted to play with them all and can’t wait till next year.

Video is being used for trade shows in many ways. It’s the best way to pull focus to your both, and to give the casual consumer an approachable way to see what your about with-out having to talk to you. This makes an impact with everyone walking by, and it can lead to questions and inquiries about your product that would have just walked on by. Video should be on your trade show booth list right before catalog and signage.

New Gear for Brown & Co.

New Gear for Brown & Co.

Canon put this camera out last year and I have waited for the right time to buy.

This Camera can shoot up to 80,000 ISO! Can it see low light better than my eyes? Yes! It uses Canon EOS DSL lenses and smells like a babies head. This new gear is great for Brown & Company. With increased depth of field the background won’t pull focus away from you. This will also give more control more information in shadows and highlights. This Means I can shoot an interview indoors expose for indoor light and still see content out the window under bright day sun conditions.