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This time last year before the Super Bowl. I was hired to shoot footage of NFL players talking on the 115 sports channels. Set in a tight space at the Mall of America food court. What a blast! I worked with ex-professional NFL players and one former Twins player. 

Between radio sessions, Jack Youngblood and I sat and ate Blimpie sandwiches. He told me he was grateful to be put forward for the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year by Carl Eller. The last day, I was thrilled to work with Rod Carew and follow him around shooting proof of performance. His story is fascinating, he just got a new heart from a young boy. The boy’s mother was there to talk about what it means to donate your organs. Rod was cool through it all, and I raise my hat to him!

I enjoyed helping out this production company from out of town. Their work supports the Wounded Warrior Project, and we had a handful of wounded veterans supporting us.

I was told I have to work on my selfie photo game “why did you shoot from below?” “why do you have big headphones on?”? Yeah, I have a teenager!

Jack Youngblood