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Consulting & Training

Consulting & Training

Consulting for Octane Fitness, they asked us to help them get their in house video production off the ground. Once they purchased the suggested gear, I showed them some of the finer points of video production. Then invited me to go on the road to shoot at one of the finest workout facilities in the country, Athletes Performance Inc. I shot and Directed a set of videos they used for training and a testimonial.

I consulted on the set, lighting directed cameras for an in box DVD production in their new space, it was a blast. Pictured here is me shooting my camera on a Jib or Crane. This is a small one that moves fluidly up down and side to side. It’s a great way to add motion to a camera angle without zooming or working with a dolly. In this case we also needed to shoot behind their Elliptical Trainer to see free weights and cords that attach to the product. In timed intervals the actors stepped off the ellipticals and worked out behind then got back on.

We’ve had a great relationship for so many years and I have had the great honor to get to know many of the staff at Octane Fitness.

Sports Video and Photography

I enjoy shooting Videos and Photos of sports teams and athletes. If you want up close action of your athlete get me out to your games. I can also edit your video footage, with pointer to your athlete. We have affordable game packages. If your interested in some Athletic photos give me a call! #Ryan