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All Recovery Rings video

Christopher is a recovery coach working with my better half. He helps people find and stay on there path to recovery. He also makes these great rings out Sobriety Medallions. The best part about Recovery Rings that they spark’s much-needed conversations! Chris Falck is helping and inspiring people to get healthy this, in turn, makes an impact on the community. Please support his coaching by sharing this video and his message of hope encouragement and leadership. You can find his website here;  allrecoveryrings.com

Product Video

Product Video

We enjoy working with entrepreneurs that are also inventors. My most recent client invented a horse safety product called Bsafe Horse Tie. We created a video to show off all the features and benefits and safety of his product. Working closely with clients to produce a video they feel good about is what we’re all about. In this case Bill Robinson (inventor) was ecstatic about the video. I can’t wait to see him at the Minnesota Horse Expo
coming April 24, 2015 – April 26, 2015. It’s at the MN State Fair Grounds. Check out the video here.

Photography, Best Buy

Photography, Best Buy

Brown & Co photographed small and large displays and shot wide angles for Best Buy. The preponderance of the photos will end up being used internally, however a few photos found their way to a story on their blog, (link below). I enjoyed working with the PR team to shoot photos liked and needed. We had limited amount of time to get all the photos they needed in the two hours before the store opened. -Ryan B.



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Lunar Eclipse

I was very excited about the lunar eclipse, I think it’s incredible that the moon turns red when the earth shadows it. I wanted to share my joy of photographing the eclipse with you.



We produced two videos for NPC Robotics. They needed video for their trade show booth. I really enjoyed working with these guys, they have a level of easy-going professionalism that makes them very approachable.
I also visited the Robotics Alley trade show and visited the NPCs’ both. It’s so nice to see your work in use in a beautiful booth.
As soon as you walk in the robots greet you. I felt like I was in Star Wars for a moment, “These are not the droids you’re looking for”. I am astounded by all the types of robots and uses. They also have grade school teams at all levels building robots to compete in multi stage challenges. I wanted to play with them all and can’t wait till next year.

Video is being used for trade shows in many ways. It’s the best way to pull focus to your both, and to give the casual consumer an approachable way to see what your about with-out having to talk to you. This makes an impact with everyone walking by, and it can lead to questions and inquiries about your product that would have just walked on by. Video should be on your trade show booth list right before catalog and signage.