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NFL Players, video production

NFL Players, video production

This time last year before the Super Bowl. I was hired to shoot footage of NFL players talking on the 115 sports channels. Set in a tight space at the Mall of America food court. What a blast! I worked with ex-professional NFL players and one former Twins player. 

Between radio sessions, Jack Youngblood and I sat and ate Blimpie sandwiches. He told me he was grateful to be put forward for the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year by Carl Eller. The last day, I was thrilled to work with Rod Carew and follow him around shooting proof of performance. His story is fascinating, he just got a new heart from a young boy. The boy’s mother was there to talk about what it means to donate your organs. Rod was cool through it all, and I raise my hat to him!

I enjoyed helping out this production company from out of town. Their work supports the Wounded Warrior Project, and we had a handful of wounded veterans supporting us.

I was told I have to work on my selfie photo game “why did you shoot from below?” “why do you have big headphones on?”? Yeah, I have a teenager!

Jack Youngblood

All Recovery Rings video

Christopher is a recovery coach working with my better half. He helps people find and stay on there path to recovery. He also makes these great rings out Sobriety Medallions. The best part about Recovery Rings that they spark’s much-needed conversations! Chris Falck is helping and inspiring people to get healthy this, in turn, makes an impact on the community. Please support his coaching by sharing this video and his message of hope encouragement and leadership. You can find his website here;  allrecoveryrings.com

Website for Speedy Market

Website for Speedy Market

The Best Little Grocery Store

I drove past for a few years before I walked in. In the back of the store is my favorite butcher!

I jumped at the chance to make Speedy’s online presence and they were happy to have a customer and fan of the store remake their grocery store website.. We shot the photos for this site, this helped my understanding the layout and types of stuff they carry. This is a community driven family business and they take the community part serious. So I suggested they do a blog, this gives them a way to communicate with current clients about whats new in store but also what events are coming up. Also a blog is a great SEO tool, it’s keeps people on your site longer but it a way for google to see the site has new content and thats help them rank naturally. Timandtomsspeedymarket.com is a fun one page website, and lots of color and pop. Check out the site but also if your near Saint Anthony Park check out the store. Bring home some great food and don’t miss the butch in the back of the store.

They have stuff wall to wall floor to ceiling, not kidding! Besides having great fresh produce and Boars Head Deli meats, you can cross paths with local and specialty items you can’t find in warehouse grocers.





GE Transportation

GE Transportation

GE Transportation hired Brown & Co

Ryan shot Videos and Photos for GE Transportation during the 2015 Railway Interchange convention at the Minneapolis Convention Center in October or 2015. 5 videos and edited 2 of them that afternoon. One was a Q&A with Jamie S. Miller SVP
We started with a wide angle to provide a sense of location, then shot close up, and ended with an edited version that included an interview. We also produced a straight-on interview with the new CEO of GE Transportation, it will be used to introduce the Jamie S. Miller internally.
Directing and shooting, I shot PR Photos of the Sales Team at the booth and a group photo of the whole crew while setting up and finding time for video interviews. People weren’t the only things I recorded that day. A walk around the train yard the outdoor part of the convention where I shot PR photos of Jamie and GE’s new Tier 4 Locomotive.

 “I kinda geeked out on trains”

Sitting in the engineers seat and looking out the window of these monster trains imagining that these people have control of thousands of pounds moving at high speeds thats a lot of pressure. Crazy yellow train made to clean up the edge of an old rail line. It’s big wheel opps out and scoops the shoulder of old loamy rail bed into a conveyor belt and dumps it into the next car and then dumps rock on to the shoulder to make a new rail bed that is strong. I have to admit I kinda geeked out on trains.Loram


GE Locomotive Interior



One of my favorite places in the Twin-cities

One of my favorite places in the Twin-cities

This dog park has a long stretch of beach on the Mississippi, in this image a family with their dogs and enjoy the day. If you like dog parks this is one of the best. The walk down to the beach is wonderful, it’s full of large trees and woodpeckers happy wet dogs and enjoyable people.